What are the signs that show your turntable needs repair or replacement?

Turntable plays vinyl records with pre-recorded noise which most people enjoy. The most popular auditory on vinyl records is a turntable, where many popular songs from the olden days have used this groundbreaking audio playback technology. Nowadays, digital technology has surpassed it as the most common platform for music playback. The turntable will inevitably break down when you have a record player, and you will experience some repair and replacement with turntable overtime which is usual in any equipment. When you experience any turntable repair, you have to approach the professionals to fix it at the earliest. Here are some ways to tell that your turntable needs repair.

Residue on the tip

You have to clean your turntable frequently to avoid the accumulation of dirt and derbies. When you find dirt in your turntable needle, try cleaning it with a record player cleaning solution first to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grime. One of the good indications of a problematic stylus is the accumulation of Yellow-brown substance.

When you clean the tip regularly, this build-up may be an easy task. It is recommended to wash your needle at least once a week or twice a week using the record player cleaning solution. The trick to do the cleaning work is lightly touching the stylus against a specialized sponge or cleaner. When you fail to clean them for months or years, you may want to consider replacing them.

Bent parts

Before you play any music on your turntable, it is advisable to have a look at the needle. Bent parts are always the first thing that indicates an expiring turntable accessory, and a visual inspection will tell you whether they need replacement or not. When the needle seems to be bent, you have to fix it before listening to something. This is because the bent needle might seriously damage documents, so replacing it is a small investment compared to the potential damage.

When you experience any repair signs, you have to take sufficient steps to avoid severe future damages that cost you more. The bent needle will cost you more when you don’t fix them at the earliest. While examining the needle, you might require a magnifying glass to check the tip if it has grown dull, bent or slightly raised. In the visual inspection, you can also look for a damaged cartridge which usually occurs after an accident, like when someone dropped the turntable or something fell over it.

Hissing sound

Due to a loosened metal strip, you might hear scruffy noises from your turntable. The hissing sound is the most common sign that shows your turntable needs repairs. Mostly you will experience that when you listen to a record in a store, it sounds nice, but you will hear some hissing sound when you play them on your player. This type of static or hissing sound is the sign that the needle is probably broken. Probably you might hear this sound in the background. You have to give your turntable for repair only with the professionals to enjoy your music right back.


Bouncing is most likely due to age or damage to your turntable. The needle starts to bounce along with the record when it’s become very old or any damages in it. Bouncing will affect the ability to hear the records and put them at risk of being damaged. Bouncing of needle and recorder is the sign that you need to repair them at the earliest to hear and enjoy clear music.

Dull sound

Normally, your turntable might sound great, but if it suddenly sounds dull, as if the treble has been reduced. Dull sound is the indication that something is wrong with the record. Also, it is most often the fault of the player, specifically the aging needle. Poor treble and thinning sound are two things that indicate they both scream a damaged or worn-out cartridge. You have to replace the needle or change the record since the emitted sound is just horrible, and you might feel bad that you let the damaged tip touch your record.

Look whether you need a new belt

Sometimes you might experience that your turntable does not spin even when the record player turns on. It is one of the best signs that the belt needs to be replaced. Your files have a lower tone to them, or when the needle reaches the record, the speed changes either faster or slower are some other signs that show the belt needs to be replaced.

When your turntable still spins even in these situations, then it can be difficult to say whether the belt is broken. If it is just slightly different from its usual speed, then it is not that there is a problem with the belt, so better you can take your turntable to the specialist when you experience these problems to get the right help with this.

Summing it up

To get a vintage feel or a rich sound quality, most people like to listen to music on a turntable. To listen to your favourite records, you need a decent record player with a working needle. When you indicate the above-mentioned signs, you need to approach the professional store for turntable repair. Try to approach the specialist at the earliest when you indicate the signs.

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