The Speaker Hospital carries out work of the highest standard and only uses best quality components. The Speaker Hospital extends full manufacturer’s warranty for all parts used in any repair work. Additionally, we provide a full warranty/guarantee for any work performed by our staff.

Please ensure you use your components in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Not all speakers are equal, so you need to take care to avoid damage. Warranty does not extend to situations where components are subject to use beyond specified normal operating parameters. Burnt and/or blistered voice coils and other such evidence of overdriving and/or abusive operation are not covered.

Warranty is conditional upon the first inspection by Speaker Hospital staff and the identification of previous repair work. If you have any problem with a repair within the warranty period, you must stop using it immediately and bring it to Speaker Hospital. If your components are worked on by anyone other than Speaker Hospital staff your warranty will be void. All warranty is limited to the components actually repaired or installed by Speaker Hospital.

Recone Work

All recone parts are covered by a minimum 1-year warranty. Some manufacturers provide a 5-year warranty period e.g. Electro-Voice speakers are 5-year warranty. Additionally, we offer 1-year warranty on labour.

Reconditioned Drivers

All reconditioned drivers are covered by a full year part and labour warranty.

Re-Edge Work

We guarantee this work, parts and labour, for a period of one year. We further guarantee that the new foam will deteriorate again – life expectancy is between 8 – 15 years. Foam deterioration can be accelerated by exposure to sunlight or changes in humidity. Avoiding such extremes by placing your speakers in a more control environment can extend component life.

Electronic Repair

All electronic repairs performed by Speaker Hospital are covered by a three-month warranty on parts and labour.

Parts Sale

All speaker parts supplied by Speaker Hospital are covered by a full one year warranty. Unless manufacturer’s warranty states otherwise.

Incorrect installation can cause failure and waste parts and money. No warranty is available if the inspection reveals bad/incorrect installation. Unless you are an experienced speaker repairer, you will almost always be better off allowing Speaker Hospital to perform your repair work.

Electronic components sold by Speaker Hospital are covered by a full one-year replacement warranty covering faulty manufacture. This warranty ceases as soon as a component is placed in a circuit or used in any way.

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