Turntable Repair Sydney – Tips For Fixing Some Common Problems

Turntable Repair

Are you facing issues with a turntable? Isn’t your turntable working properly? If yes, then you have to avail of the turntable repair Sydney services. Sometimes issues are small and can be fixed with some minor arrangements. In this blog, we are discussing common turntable problems and the method of dealing with it. 

  • Broken Belt 
  • Rumble and Hum
  • Erratic Sound 

These are three common issues that you may face while using a turntable. Let’s discuss some solutions for these. 

How to Deal With a Broken Belt of Turntable?

The belt is the source that helps the platter to spin and play a record. In case the platter is not spinning, then most probably you may detect issues with the belt. The solution to such issues depends on the condition of the belt. Let’s begin to resolve this problem. 

  • Firstly, you should unplug the turntable. 
  • Now you have to remove the dust cover and platter mat carefully. 
  • You should try to rotate or spin the platter. It can help in accessing the pulley and removing the platter. You can use a finger or a screwdriver for lifting the belt and get the platter out. 
  • In some turntable models, the platters are associated with C-clip. Here, you have to use a screwdriver (flat-bladed) and twist the C-clip slowly & gently. You also hold the clip with another hand to catch it in case it may pop off suddenly. 
  • You can remove the platter now and get the belt out from the turntable. For cleaning the pulley and platter rim, you can use denatured alcohol with the chamois swab. 
  • Now you have to inspect the condition of the belt properly. In case you find the belt loose, then you can use a rubber revitalizer for the restoration. If the belt is stretched or broken, you need to replace it. For the replacement, you need a belt with a similar size. 
  • If everything is good with the condition of the belt, then the issues may be caused by some other parts like speed controls, faulty or frozen a motor, or a dirty idler. 

You cannot fix these types of issues at home. Here, you have to get assistance from the turntable repair Sydney professionals. 

How to Stop Rumble and Hum?

Sometimes, a vibration starts within the turntable. Due to the vibration, a low-frequency noise takes place in the audio outputs. It is a low booming sound and considered as the rumble issue. In the case of hum, you will get a high-pitch sound constantly. Hum can take place due to several reasons. 

  • Any turntable user can easily control rumble with some specific preventive measures. It can be possible with the placement of specific rubber feet or isolation mat under the turntable. It minimizes the inner vibration. 
  • You have to make sure you don’t keep speakers too close to the turntable. It can also be a reason for the rumble issue. 
  • You should try to keep the dust cover in the upper position. It is useful in avoiding rumble issues with the needle. 
  • If you focus on the hum issues, then it is highly difficult to figure out a single reason. It can affect the turntable and its outputs for multiple reasons like any defective transformer. 
  • In some cases, a hum issue takes place due to the bad condition of cables. Here, you can minimize it by using high-quality cables for connecting all components and receivers. 

In case you don’t figure out the main reason behind issues or not able to resolve by yourself, then consider professionals. Making changes in the turntable without proper knowledge can completely spoil your expensive equipment. You should visit the best turntable repair Sydney shop and get all the issues fixed. 

How to Prevent Erratic Sound?

Sometimes, the turntable may deliver disturbing audio outputs with fading or fuzzy sound. If you are facing these issues, then you have to check out some basic things about the turntable. 

  • You should inspect the cartridge’s wire connectors. Wire connectors of cartridges are fixed with small clips. Due to it, the chances of getting these clips to lose are high. You have to tighten the clip for eliminating the disturbance. 
  • Firstly, you have to remove the stylus. After removing the stylus, you should keep it on a soft piece of cloth. Now you should start losing the cartridge head shell’s band to remove it from the tone arm. 
  • To remember how all wires are connected to the cartridge, you should prepare a wiring diagram before removing it. Now you have to remove all the wires one by one gently. Here, you can use a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers. 
  • Now you should apply a small volume of contact cleaner for cleaning all metal contacts of the cartridges. You have to do it before reattaching all connectors. After cleaning, you should attract all connectors again one by one and gently. 
  • After attaching the connectors, inspect it one more time to make sure these are fully tight. Now reinsert the needle and fix the tone arm. 

It can assist you in eliminating scratchy and erratic sound from the audio outputs. 

Final Words 

For all these procedures or methods, you should know about the turntable functioning and inner parts. In case you don’t have such knowledge, then it is good to hire the turntable repair Sydney services. Speaker Hospital has the best professionals and years of experience in turntable repair.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.