If the cone, voice-coil, or spider are damaged the speaker may require replacement of all parts, excluding the magnet and frame/basket. This is called a recone.

We can re-build your speaker with all the original parts if available. In some cases, repair parts are not available, but non-authentic replacements are. As a last resort, we can repair any speaker with non-original parts when other solutions are not available.

On many occasions, our technicians have been able to revive speakers that have been written off as un-saveable by others. A client came to us with a 1955 Wharfedale 10″ woofer, which was open circuit – reproducing no sound. No repair parts were available and due to the “vintage” nature of the component, it was not possible to manufacture parts that would accurately match the performance of the other (still working) speaker.

We were able to save this speaker using the original parts. All that was required was a little careful surgery to locate the exact problem, which thankfully in this case was repairable. The client paid for 2 hours labour and was over the moon with the result, especially since he had been told elsewhere that the speaker could not be fixed.

The thing to remember is that regardless of a speaker’s apparent condition, repair is most likely both possible and inexpensive. We would like you to bring or send your speakers to us and we can let you know if they can be repaired. Speaker repair estimates are provided at no charge.

If you are freighting your speakers to us, please click here for important information.

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