In some cases, it may be that your system is functioning, but not correctly. It may also be that it just doesn’t sound as good as it did years ago. If you’re certain that it’s not your hearing that is in need of repair, it may be that your system needs a general overhaul. In order to keep your audio system in full working order, we offer a reconditioning service. This service is offered as an extension to your repairs, or as a complete process of its own.

Speaker Enclosures

Reconditioning of speaker cabinets can involve:


Reconditioning of electronic devices can involve:

  • Cleaning and lubrication of all controls
  • Cleaning and lubrication of all external connectors
  • Full check of power supply and output circuits
  • Re-building of all interconnecting cables
  • Full analysis with complete service reports
  • For more information, please check the Electronics Repair page

As individual cases require individual treatment, it is necessary to contact us to discuss the options. In the case of a complete system analysis, we will require all items including all cables to commence the service.

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