Is your turntable not working? Here are few signs that it needs repair

Turntable Repair

A turntable is a system that plays vinyl records with pre-recorded noise. Musical masterpieces are a popular auditory on vinyl records. Many popular songs from the past have used this ground-breaking audio playback technology. Digital audio technology has now surpassed the turntable as the most common platform for music playback.

If you have a record player, the turntable will inevitably break down.

The player will usually turn on, but the turntable part will not spin. This indicates a problem with the buckle. The belt on a record player attaches the motor to the turntable and ensures that it spins at a steady speed. It’s not unusual for the belt to fall out of alignment, although it rarely snaps. Take your turntable for repair in Sydney and get the best service.

Here are few ways to tell that your turntable needs repair:

1. Residue on the tip

If your needle has accumulated dirt or grime, try cleaning it with a record player cleaning solution first. This should be washed at least once a week or twice a week. If it hasn’t been done in months or years, you may want to consider replacing it.

2. Hissing sound

If you listen to a record in a store and it sounds nice, but when you play it on your player, you hear static or hissing, the needle is probably broken. These sounds may be in the background or come across as sibilance or an overemphasis on the letter “s”.

3. Bent parts

If the needle seems to be bent, you can fix it before listening to something. With a needle in this situation, you might seriously damage documents, so replacing it is a small investment compared to the potential damage.

4. Bouncing

It’s most likely due to age or damage if the needle starts to bounce along with the record. This affects the ability to hear the records and puts them at risk of being damaged.

5. Dull sound

A record that previously sounded great can suddenly sound less bright, as if the treble has been reduced. This isn’t often an indication that something is wrong with the record; it’s most often the fault of the player, specifically the aging needle.

6. Check and see if you need a new belt

If the record player turns on and the turntable does not spin, this is the best indication that the belt needs to be replaced.

And if it spins, the belt could be broken. Other signs that the belt needs to be replaced include:

·       Your files have a lower tone to them (i.e. the sound is abnormally deep)

·       As soon as the needle reaches the record, the speed changes – either faster or slower

In situations where the turntable is still spinning, it can be difficult to say whether the belt is broken. You might not be able to tell there is a problem if it is just slightly different from its usual speed. Take your turntable to the specialist. He will help you with this.

Summing up

Many people like to listen to music on a turntable for the vintage feel or the rich sound quality. You’ll need a decent record player with a working needle, also known as a stylus, to listen to your favourite records the way they were intended to be heard. If you find any above issue with your turntable, contact a Sydney specialist who will repair your turntable.

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