How To Determine If Your Turntable Need Repair

In the past, owning a Turntable was a thing of pride, it was an instrument used to play music. In the past, only the well to do could afford it. A turntable is similar to a record player, the only difference here is that it does not come with an amplifier or a speaker. That means that it can be purchased alone and come in different qualities. A point that should be noted is that the parts needed for turntable repair are not very easy to come by. This is why it is necessary to enlist the services of one who has expertise in turntable repairs. It is important to recognize the sign of wearing and tearing of your turntable or when it needs to be repaired. Getting the services of a reputable Turntable Repair in Sydney would save time, stress and energy. You should also know that there are different models of turntables and this would mean that not all components are the same for every single type. This is why it is important to get the help of an expert who would know exactly what to do. However, a turntable popularly consists of these parts:


This is a part of the turntable, you can find this in most turntables if not all. It is found at the centre of the platter, you have to put your record on it for playback to happen.

Singles Adapter:

This is a device that is located over the spindle. It is either in plastic or metal form and it comes in different sizes to be placed in the middle of records. The need for different sizes comes from the different sizes of records. But it usually comes in sizes that accommodate 7 inches records.

Slip Mat:

This is the round circle where the record actually sits. It proves to be a soft cushion for the record and ensures that there is enough traction to stop the record from slipping off when spinning. Hence the name, Slip Mat.

Strobe Speed Indicator:

This is in the form of a red light that indicates if the turntable is maintaining speed. It is located on the raised dot of the turntable’s platter. This light will either remain stationary to indicate that the speed is reduced or move in the opposite direction of the platter to show an increase in speed.

Speed Selector:

This is one of the most important parts of a turntable. It is what controls the speed of a record. It even goes as far as altering the speed of a record. It however operates differently in some turntables as a drive belt would be needed in some types of turntables.


This is the part of the turntable that ensures that the record spins. It is sometimes made of metal, acrylic or glass, this is however depending on the price you are willing to pay. The more costly the making of the platter, the more expensive the turntable would be.

Other parts of a turntable that may require repair include:

  • Headshell
  • Target light
  • Stylus
  • Tone Arm

The different indicators that you need to contact a professional to fix your turntable include:

The Platter Is No Longer Spinning:

In order for the record to work, the platter has to spin. If this stops for no reason or after some indications that you ignored, then it is time to call in for turntable repair in Sydney to do the work for you. The spoilt platter might be repairable or even replaced. But this information can only be provided by an expert.

A Static Sound From Your Record When You Previously Did Not Hear One:

If you recently notice a static sound or maybe an audible hiss from your record when you never heard one previously, it might be time to call in a repairer to come and check out your turntable.

A Jagged, Broken Or Bent Stylus:

This obviously means that the stylus needs to be replaced. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional to replace if you have no idea how that can be done. This would help you avoid making the situation worse.

Whether you are trying to service your turntable, which is something that should be done on a regular basis. Or you may be looking for a repair because a part of your turntable wears out as is the case with anything, be sure to hire the service of turntable repair in Sydney. This would help you enjoy your turntable and not go into detective mode when something stops working.

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