How to buy the best and right turntable for you?

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The turntable is the device for playing the sound recording, which needs to be hooked up to speakers to play records. When buying a turntable for the first time, then it might be daunting, and well you will have many questions. If you are new to the physical music world, you are more likely to need the best turntable possible to play your collection. To avoid turntable repair, you have to maintain it properly and approach the professional as soon as you find some problem with it. Here are some useful tips on buying the best and right turntable for you.

Deciding on a budget

When buying a turntable, you might be thinking about how much you need to spend on buying it. As you all know that turntable and record players are available at a wide range of prices that are suitable for many budgets. After researching the best equipment and components for your requirement, you can give yourself a budget range. Turntables are available at several good entry-level and lower mid-range, so choose wisely after proper research. Do proper research to get a quality option without spending much.

Know which features you required

Turntables have various features like Bluetooth to built-in speakers, manual tonearms and more. Some features and accessories are important in a turntable, while others are optional. To know the optional and important things in the turntable, you have to initially learn about and prioritize certain components. When you are getting a manual turntable, you have to lower the tonearm onto the record to start playing manually.  

On the other hand, an automatic turntable does pretty much all the work for you. Once you place the record, all you have to do is just press a button, and the tonearm will automatically lower onto the record. The tonearm will lift automatically and return to its resting position in an automatic turntable. When it comes to sound quality, there is not much difference between manual and automated. The only difference between these both is, manual turntable forces you to pay more attention to the record, which many vinyl enthusiasts believe is the point of playing records.

Learn the basics

If you are planning to buy a turntable for your home, you have to make yourself familiar with the components of a turntable. It is essential to know its components, working process, functions and create an overall better system.

Know to get a direct drive or belt drive 

Belt drive and direct drive are the two primary types of turntables. The most affordable option is direct drive turntables which have a motor located directly underneath the platter. The motor allows it to start up quicker and makes it easier for the platter to spin. Belt drive turntables also have a motor located away from the platter. This will help the belt-drive turntables create fewer vibrations, but they’re slightly slower to start up and fragile. If you are a music lover, investing in both types of turntables is worth investing in.

Your level of passion and music taste

Knowing your level of passion and music taste will help you to understand which turntable would be the best fit for your musical preferences. Your choice of the turntable will vary based on your music taste, like rock, classical or jazz. The turntable has the potential to reproduce clear, warm, amazing hi0 fidelity analog sound, which will satisfy your level of passion towards music.

You can even contact the technical turntable repair and service company for guidance, especially if you are new to the world of turntables. Contacting a professional company is also essential when you have no reference to judge a turntable. By getting in touch with the professional, you could also let them know whether you like dynamic playback or prefer a more transparent and neutral sound quality.

Know whether you upgrade the turntable later

If you are looking to buy a turntable, you should also think about any potential upgrades you might like to make. Upgrading the turntable is nothing but improving it by making changes like replacing the phono cable and other components. Nowadays, there are more accessories available for upgrading and improving your turntable as per your requirement, and this will allow you to boost sound quality significantly. At the time of buying, if your budget does not allow for an outright purchase of a high-end turntable, then you have an option for upgrading it later.

Listening or DJ

Turntables are available for listening to home and DJ so before buying, ensure which type you require. Turntable for home is designed to reduce noise and optimize tracking and music fidelity, whereas DJ is robust and has high torque. DJ turntables are direct-drive, and home listening turntables are belt-drive. It is fine to use a DJ turntable at home for listening to music. But it is not good and advisable to use a home listening DJ as it will not work. When you use home listening turntables, the belt might break at some point, and the non-DJ stylus can destroy your records.

Wrapping it up

Looking for all the points mentioned above will be very helpful in finding the most suitable turntable. Additionally, you can also consider turntable weight, your stereo shelf space, USD or not USB, preamp quality, signal to noise ratio and a lot more. Do proper research and approach the best turntable repair and service company to get the best one. Approaching the professional and knowing these points will help you get the right turntable.

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