High Frequency

High Frequency

If your speakers are sounding dull, muffled and lacking clarity, it is likely that your high-frequency tweeters need repair or replacement.

Some Hi-Fi tweeters can be repaired by the replacement of the internal diaphragm. This is more common in higher-quality speakers and is the norm in pro-audio.

The Repair Process

Replacement of high-frequency diaphragms should be done by an experienced person. Diaphragms that need to be replaced are usually burnt and thorough cleaning and removal of residual debris are required. It should also be noted that many high-frequency drivers use a special cooling fluid called ferrofluid. This is a toxic substance and contact with this substance should be avoided.

For the majority of brand names, it is most common that manufacturers supply complete replacement tweeters. If original replacements are no longer available, we can supply suitable equivalent components.

Because the most common cause of this type of damage is burning of the high frequency driver’s voice-coil, we would suggest that inspection of the cross-over is vital to ensure that the same destructive signal that damaged the tweeters has not also damaged the cross-overs.

It is also possible that damage of this type is due to amplifier failure. Speaker Hospital provides a full electronics repair service.

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