Is it a better choice to repair consumer or home Hi-Fi speakers? The answer is almost always yes, and the here’s the basic reasoning:

  • Speaker design/technology has remained the same for many decades, apart from some minor improvements – mostly relating to power handling.
  • Speakers purchased 10 years ago for $1000 could cost $2000, or more, for equal quality nowadays.
  • Many older speakers are of a higher build quality – to maintain market competitiveness there has been downward pressure on manufacturing costs.
  • Once repaired correctly, a speaker will sound as good as it did when it was new and better than most speakers you could buy today.
  • Repairing a speaker is almost always the most affordable option. The cost will be minimal compared to replacement with similar quality new speakers.
  • Replacement with lower quality would not only be disappointing but would also cost more than repairing what you already own!
  • Various issues relating to repair/maintenance and recycling vs. the “disposable” society and the impact on environment and diminishing resources should be considered relevant. Discussion of this subject is not the purpose of this web-site, but it is a big issue, and it is not going away.

The most common problem for home Hi-Fi speakers is deterioration of the foam surround material on woofers. This foam material will perish over time – on average from 10-15 years. We can replace this material and use the other existing parts to re-build your speakers. This is called re-edging or re-foaming.
Speaker Hospital has been repairing speakers since 1981. We have the experience and the knowledge required to guarantee the highest standard of work. We use only the best quality glues and adhesive products and select the most appropriate for each application.
We use genuine parts in the repair of brand name speakers. No after-market generic replacement parts are used, except in the case where original parts are no longer available and then, only after notification to and approval from the client.

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