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If all that you require is re-edging of your woofers and you are confident about removing and replacing them, then you don’t need to send your speaker cabinets. Each speaker should travel in a separate box. Make sure that the box is strong enough for the job. It should be at least 2 inches larger than the speaker. Place a piece of cardboard over the front of each speaker and wrap in bubble wrap with 2 or 3 layers.

Place the bubble-wrapped speaker in the box and pack appropriately to avoid movement – more bubble wrap is best. Foam peanuts or the scrunched-up newspapers can be used, however, they could compress in transit allowing the speaker to be loose inside the box. If you use foam peanuts without bubble-wrap around your speakers, they could arrive with transit damage. Bubble-wrap will not compress and is the most suitable product for the job.

If you are sending your speaker cabinets and do not have the original packaging, please follow the same rules as outlined above. The use of bubble-wrap and strong, sturdy boxes is highly recommended. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete our Service Request Form and send it with your speakers. Without this information, we may be unable to complete your repairs.

Packages should be clearly labeled. See here.

We recommend Pack and Send as a first preference courier service as they specialise in dealing with freighting of:

-Fragile & Valuable Items
-Large & Awkward Items

However, other couriers such as Australia Post, Couriers Please, and Fastway are also recommended. Please take care when packing your speakers. If you follow the instructions, your speakers will arrive safely. Remember – bubble-wrap is best.

Service Request Form

It is important that you fill out the service request information and send it along with your speakers. If you do not have a printer then please write the required information on a piece of paper and send that along with your speakers.

Click here to open a new window with fields to type in the required information. On completing the form, simply click “Print” on the toolbar above the form or right-click on the form and choose “print”.


Packing / Freight Label

Click here to open a new window containing the printable label. Once loaded, simply fill in your “Sender” details and click “Print” on the toolbar above the label.

Once again: if you don’t have a printer, write the address down on paper and attach that to the outside of your packages. Be sure you include the notice to the carrier regarding delivery times, as well as the sender information. It is a good idea to completely cover the freighting label with clear tape to avoid the print coming into contact with moisture and becoming unreadable.

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