Speaker Hospital can repair your 6″x9, 4-ohm woofers and all car audio speakers. Common faults can include:
The foam surrounds (or edges) on car audio speakers can perish at a faster rate than foam surrounds on domestic Hi-Fi speakers due to exposure to sunlight and more extreme variations of temperature and moisture.
We advise that you inspect the foam edges on your car speakers from time to time for any signs of deterioration. This edge material can be replaced and your speakers re-built using the other existing parts. Continued use of speakers with deteriorated foam surrounds can cause damage to the other components of the speaker and result in a more expensive repair bill. Foam surround replacement can be done at a fraction of the purchase price of your speakers.
Click here for more information on Foam Edging.

If your speakers are not working at all, you may need a recone. This process involves the replacement of all moving parts of the speaker. A reckoned speaker is as good as the day it was first made. Speaker Hospital uses only genuine parts in the repair of brand name speakers. If original repair parts are not available we can rebuild a speaker with custom parts, but only after consultation with the client.

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