Capacitor technology has improved over the years. Early model crossovers (and cheaper newer designs) use aluminium electrolytic capacitors. These are prone to breakdown and leakage over time.

We recommend the use of film type capacitors in crossovers as they don’t “dry out” like aluminium electrolytic caps, and they are more audibly precise.

We use our own custom made Metallized Polyester film capacitors built to withstand the rigours of high powered crossover use while retaining a smooth frequency response and ultimate audio quality. These capacitors are available separately or call us for a price on getting your tired old crossovers modified and updated.

All values listed are rated at 250vdc. Axial leaded.

  • .33uf
  • 1uf
  • 2.2uf
  • 3.3uf
  • 4.7uf
  • 6.8uf
  • 8.2uf
  • 10uf
  • 12uf
  • 15uf
  • 18uf

Other values can be made by adding the above values together.

For example: a 5.5uf capacitor can be substituted with a 2.2uf and a 3.3uf wired in parallel.

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