Beginners Guide to Turntable Repair

Turntable Repair

For playing pre recorded noise, a device called turntable is used. This device actually plays the pre-recorded noise on vinyl. In the past, the groundbreaking audio playback technology was used. But now the digital audio technology is used and has gone beyond the turntable for recording music. Repairing the turntables is not that easy and it should be repaired with proper care. This is because; it is difficult to get the parts of the turntables. 

 Before getting into turntable repairs you will have to know in detail about the turntables and their parts. Read on to know more about turntables and its parts.

What parts to look on during a turntable repair?

You will be probably interacting with a touch screen to select your music if you used to download or stream music. But what happens when it comes to the turntables and vinyl? There is a lot more than you have to think when it comes to the turntables. There are hundreds and different models of turntables and all these will have a set of familiar components.

A turntable is usually designed to give its users good quality audio. This device has a wealth of features to enhance your audio quality. Some of the most common parts of the turntables are mentioned below.

  • Spindle

 The spindle is a part in the turntable and it centralizes your record on the platter for the playback. Even some of the turntables will come with a space adapter for supporting larger centre apertures.

  • Singles adapter

 This can allow 7-inch records and it locates over the centre spindle.

  • Plinth

This is a place on which all the components of the turntable are seated. You can notice a reinforced plastic plinth in some turntables and the other turntables may have MDF or acrylic plinths.

  • Slipmat

 A slipmat is the round one that sits on the platter. This will give a soft surface for the recorder to sit on and it also provides the record with the traction to stop it slipping during playing music.

  • Strobe speed indicator

You can see a red light on the raised dots of the platter. This indicates whether the turntable is maintaining speed or not. Depending on the speed, the dots will appear stationary since the speed is reduced, the dots will appear to travel in the opposite direction of the platter.

  • Speed selector

Speed selector is an important thing that you can find in the turntables and it controls the speed. This can even alter the speed and in some turntables, it will require the drive belt which can be used to manually lift the pulley from one place to the other.

  • Platter

The platter is a circular rotating platform in which the vinyl record is played. This platter is made from acrylic or metal and sometimes with the glass for better resonance damping.

  • Target light

This is a light beam source which can locate the recorders track in the darker surroundings.

  • Stylus

 This can also be called a needle and this is responsible for making contact with the grooves of your record. This can even extract the audio information. You can see the stylus being vibrated during the playback. This happens with the help of a series of microscopic bumps and ridges which is placed on the vinyl record surface.

  • Headshell

The headshell of the turntable is designed in a way to hold the stylus and cartridge in place. Usually, the turntables will have the interchangeable heads shells and the users can use this to upgrade their turntables to the premium ones if required.

  • Tonearm

The tonearm is also an important part in turntables and it is responsible for supporting the cartridge and stylus assembly.

What should you do for the turntable repairs?

If you find any problem in your turntable or want to get it repaired there are a few steps that you have to follow. These are the steps that are even followed by a turntable repair service professional. If you don’t know how to deal with the turntable repairs then you can hire a professional.

  • Disassemble

First, you have to remove the turntable platter, the internal cover and the bottom protective case.

  • Inspect

You have to inspect for the potential problems. You can inspect even the power switch wiring.

  • Replacing the electronics

If you find very old capacitors or any other old parts in the turntables, you have to replace them with the new ones.

  • De-solder

For this, you can use a wick or a solder sucker. Once the soldering is removed make sure the joints are cleaned with the isopropanol.

  • Solder

Now you can replace the capacitors or the other parts and solder them again.

The bottom lines

Fixing some common problems in turntables can be easy and you can only do it if you have some basic knowledge about capacitors and soldering. If you are not familiar with repairing the turntables you can just hire a technician who can help in repairing your turntable. Make sure you choose the best turntable repair services in Australia.

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