7 Telltale Signs That Your Amplifier Needs the Services of an Amplifier Repairer

Checking to know the signs of a bad amplifier would mean one of two things: You either think your amplifier is faulty or you are about to get a new amplifier and would like to know if it’s still good. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place!

Amplifiers are like every other electronic device in which damages can be caused by one or a combination of faulty components. Just like every other electronic or electrical device they also give signs that hint at an upcoming or developing fault. These signs are what you need to pay attention to. Some of these signs hint at minor issues with your amplifier. Others, however, hit at much more serious problems.

This article lists some of those more pressing signs. Notice any of the signs mentioned below, that’s as good a sign as any that your amplifier needs the services of an amplifier repairer in Sydney.

Note that we said an amplifier repairer, not DIY amplifier repair. If you notice any of these faults, please refrain from trying to fix the issue yourself since that often only worsens the issue. 

With that said, let’s get to the list!

Amplifier Not Turning On 

It is not rocket science to know that when an electronic device refuses to come on, something is wrong somewhere. Unfortunately, there could be a million reasons why your amplifier is not turning on, and this is why you want an expert working on it when this happens ─ you don’t want to make things even more complicated. 

Amplifier Keeps Blowing Fuses 

This is another sign that something is really wrong with your amplifier. Fuses are like the protector of more important components inside the amplifier, so they are a very important part of your amp. If the amplifier experiences repeated blowing of fuses, that’s as good a sign as any that something is very wrong somewhere. And since this could be caused by so many different things, you are better off just leaving the repair to an expert amplifier repairer in Sydney who can fix the issue right from the root instead of simply replacing the fuse over and over again.

Excessive Overheating

Overheating is one of the very obvious signs of a damaging device. As with the previous faults on this list though, it could also be caused by so many different reasons, it is better off left to the experts to fix.

While most of the time, thermal overload is the major cause of overheating, other factors such as simple lack of ventilation, blown speakers, and terrible built quality of the amplifier can also cause this same effect. Most of the time though, overheating is just a hint that something bigger is wrong with your amp. We advise that you quickly check with an amp repairer near you to find out what’s wrong and avoid any further damage.

Humming, Buzzing, or Whining Sound

Noise such as humming and whining sound that is heard from the speakers can be caused by many things such as improper installation of the speakers, bad antenna, and loose ground connection. Apart from a faulty amp, all these are potential causes of noise from the speakers. You might not know which is the exact cause without a trial-and-error form of attending to every possible cause. If after checking all this and the noise remains then it means your amplifier is faulty and needs the attention of an amplifier repairer.

Many other things such as improper installation of the speakers, and loose ground connection can cause an unpleasant sound that is heard from the speakers.

Weak Bass Output

Another very obvious sign of a bad amplifier is the cutting or disconnecting of your speakers at high volume. The function of the amplifier, as the name implies, is to amplify or increase the quality of sound that is produced by the speakers both in texture and volume. So the cutting of speakers, especially the subwoofers is a clear sign the amplifier is faulty. And as you are probably already thinking right now, yes, this is another fault you don’t want to try to fix yourself. Employ the services of an amplifier repairer in Sydney

Burning Smell (Especially at Loud Volumes)

The smell of burning in any electrical device or appliance obviously means something is very wrong. Your amplifier is no different. 

As with every electrical device, this is often a sign that something else is faulty with the amplifier. Sometimes it is the power that is too much, other times, it is an issue with components in the amp, and sometimes it is the wiring of the amp itself that is the issue (it is of bad quality). 

Amp Restarting or Cutting Out

Something you should know about amplifiers is that they use up a lot of power and in return, their output power is also large. When the amplifier experiences constant shutting off there are two causes which would include not getting enough power; the power required by the amplifier is way more than it is getting and this can be easily solved by using a voltage stabilizer. Or the amplifier is too weak for the output power required, although getting a new one might be the best choice but asking your electrician for solutions would be of help. 

Most of these signs are initial signals for a much more complicated issue. This is why we advise that you leave handling these issues to the experts. So if you ever observe any of these issues with your amplifier, don’t think DIY amp repair. Get the services of an expert amplifier repairer in Sydney instead.

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