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High-quality foam edging repairs in Sydney

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The most common problem with speakers is deterioration of the foam surrounds (edge) on woofers. This is a normal event and depending on climate can happen after 8-15 years.
PLEASE NOTE: If you suspect your speakers may be suffering from this problem, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY . Using speakers with a damaged or missing edge will deform the voice coil and destroy the speaker completely. In some cases, you may not have noticed the damage as the drivers may be behind a cloth grill. Don’t worry, just remove the drivers and send them to us as soon as possible.
It is also worth noting that even if only one speaker driver looks damaged it will certainly be the same for the other drivers in your enclosures regardless of physical appearance. This is because they would have been manufactured at a similar time.
The Speaker Hospital can replace this foam material, and your speakers will sound as good as new.
The speaker is stripped and cleaned - all existing foam surround material is removed.
The voice coil is inspected, along with the cone and spider, for any damage or oxidisation.
The voice coil is re-centred, and new surround material is aligned and attached.
The dust cap and gaskets are replaced, as required.
Every speaker must pass a full performance test, including frequency sweep, before being allowed to leave the hospital.
This job is covered by a full one-year warranty covering supplied parts and labour.
In some cases, speakers require more than just replacement of surround material.
Some speakers may require a recone .
It is possible that a speaker magnet can lose magnetism.
Speaker enclosures that sound muffled and lacking clarity may need tweeter repair or replacement, or crossover capacitor replacement.
Sometimes both woofers and tweeters are OK, but the speakers are producing no sound. Apart from the obvious (i.e. bad cable or connection) this could be due to cross-over damage or a fault in the electronics , amplifier , CD player, etc.

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